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5 Cricketers who married sports anchors

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The 'Happy Days' Producers Kept Something A Secret

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Kelly photos roz

Jerry Mathers hated it that Barbara Billingsley got top billing and would lord it over everyone.

  • He even turned down roles in some of Garry Marshall's movies because.

  • Happy Days was a major presence on television, lasting for eleven seasons, dominating the ratings, selling heaps of Fonzie merchandise, and fueling the '50s revival that it rode in on, if not being responsible for the collective notion of what the '50s looked and felt like.

  • His buddy Sara Gilbert has been out for years.

Most memorably to fans of , she was Pam Beesly's mother, who hooked up with Michael Scott the night of Pam's wedding and then continued to date him, to Pam's mortification.

  • Those home scenes were the worst part of the show.

  • Kelly was a showbiz photographer who had met Arbus at the New Documents exhibition ii the year before; a meeting that led to Arbus photographing Kelly posing as Marilyn Monroe 1 so this photograph might have been the return fixture or just a chance meeting.

  • Even the show Friends references the name Chachi.

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