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13 Signs You've Somehow Reached The Awkward Mid

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Is 24 years old considered to be early or mid 20's? : AskWomen

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Your back went out last weekend and you finally realized why your dad was such a dick all the time.

  • Smart jogging bottoms, colourful Nineties-style fleeces or a summer-appropriate sandals are all good trend-items to try right now, should budgets allow.

  • You must know some younger people who are mature; and older people who act like kids! For shoppers, finding gifts for women in their 20s from these sites can be a lot of fun—both provide an incredibly diverse range of styles, tastes, and products.

  • Like the kids asked to be born.

This process can last for years, or repeat itself.

  • It is the year where you realize you are closer to 30 than you are closer to 21, and that terrifies you.

  • My mom would tell me to bring my laundry.

  • I just don't have parents.

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