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Hackers would need a specific motive to target you.

  • The creepy dude who hacked the iCloud and gmail accounts of Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Kate Upton and other female celebrities, which resulted in the online dissemination of nude photos , as Redditers memorably called it , has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison.

  • Forbes columnist Joseph Steinberg questioned whether the reactions by law enforcement and technology providers indicated that celebrities were being treated differently from ordinary Americans, which, in the case of law enforcement, may be illegal.

  • Lawrence's publicist Bryna Rifkin confirmed the validity of the photos and condemned their publication.

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  • Sharing naked photos can be fun, and many people are going to choose to do it regardless of the risk.

  • It's a bit of a hassle but it's one of the best ways to boost your online security.

  • It could happen because a nosy friend or family member snoops through your email account and discovers them.

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