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Meanwhile, Oliver faces competition for Spencer's attention and money when Viv sees the rich old man as a way back to her old social status.

  • And her lawyers would later cite in trying to get the charges dismissed.

  • Meanwhile, Anna-Kat and Franklin contract , making the parents think they are now kissing.

  • Taylor tries to do something about the thin lips she inherited from Grandma Kathryn, Oliver becomes obsessed with developing well-defined calves like the new guy in his ballet class, and Anna-Kat is curious about her teacher's new boob job.

Meanwhile, Taylor and Oliver deal with the aftermath of watching a scary movie.

  • At home, Oliver and Anna-Kat help Greg create a viral message to promote membership in his historical society.

  • The episode was written by who was expected to executive produce alongside Aaron Kaplan, Kenny Schwartz and Rick Wiener.

  • With the gala only eight hours away, Katie enlists the help of her family, Angela, Doris, Maria, Greg's assistant Grant, Oliver's dance troupe, and the farm where they sent Hans Gruber to still pull off a spectacular event.

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