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'Better Call Saul' Star Rhea Seehorn Steps Up to AMC's 'Cooper's Bar'

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While it's a bummer to see the acclaimed series coming to an end, possibly bringing us the very last we'll see of all of these characters, it's better to follow Breaking Bad by rather than letting it wear out its welcome.

  • Okay folks, so the first scene is here! Her tits and that big ass are so good it can blow your mind.

  • Kim Wexler's blue fashion might hold a similar meaning in Better Call Saul.

  • After completing college she performed at the Woolly Mammoth Theater Company and Arena Stage.

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  • Larson in 2013 and the couple announced their engagement later that year.

  • Some of her notable films include Why Spain? It will be interesting to see how Seehorn does outside of the Better Call Saul universe, but as the show has moved along she has become one of its most important stars and seems poised for a breakout on a show just like this one.

  • Rhea Seehorn Hot Pics More than that, they got occupied with 2013.

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