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Are you ready to get sweaty? She studied at Oakland School for the Arts in Oakland, California, and she also educated at the Academy of Hawaiian Arts.

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  • Sssh, don't ask him, he'll blush and hide his eyes.

  • Did he just say darling?? Undercover, and as Rue Bennett in American drama series Euphoria.

Even though I was thinking no way, no way! Was that something you knew would be so important to people watching it? Holland then stared lovingly at Zendaya and caressed her chin.

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  • The movie's set in fall, so I'm wearing a sweater, a shirt, long sleeves, Spanx and jeans and a wig.

  • Aand his butt comes out so hard!! Tom split from his own childhood sweetheart, Elle Lotherington, while making Spider-Man, leaving her heartbroken.

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