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The images of the former model which show Heather Mills nude and smothered in oil were shot in 1988 - five years before Mills lost her leg when hit by a police motorbike.

  • She is currently a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother.

  • The estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney admitted she had taken part in the photoshoot which showed her smothered in baby oil and performing sex acts with a male model.

  • Apparently you can't be bothered to read anything carefully.

Although, cynically, this could play well in any battle for Beatrice, the fact is that she is the mother of his child and he once loved her very much.

  • Scroll down for video Lloyd left school at 16 and became a Page Three favourite - she went on to host her own chat show The raunchy pictures were taken by photographer Philip Raymond-Barker and his steamy collection includes snaps of the most recognisable models of the day.

  • When it became known that McCartney had left her and was seen and photographed in France, Mills claimed that they were still together.

  • If they think I'm a former hooker they don't want to be linked to me.

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