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What Does Aromantic Mean Clarified By Experts

Essentially, a person who is aromantic does not usually experience romantic attraction to other individuals.

  • Well, you can tell if you're aromantic if you have trouble when trying to tell the difference between feelings of romance and friendship.

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  • What is it like to be in love? It's that you'd rather form meaningful friendships or platonic relationships with others.

Arospec Orientation Quiz

After finishing this test, you will receive a detailed, personalized interpretation of your score that includes a graph and information on the test topic.

  • You scored 57% on Romantic, higher than 78% of your peers However, their attraction ends there.

  • Sexually, even though being an aromantic person means you aren't physically attracted to someone, you can still be sexually attracted to them and have a relationship, just not with any romance.

  • You may feel arousal, enjoy masturbation and have sexy fantasies or dreams, but don't like to encourage in the actual act.

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