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Even cloudy weather in February didn't get the boys down.

  • A cousin to Schulze-Boysen, , placed the document in the mailbox of the Soviet Embassy in.

  • It is an attempt to tell the whole story, from 1927 to well after the war.

  • This gave Maximovitch access to intelligence that came from the German High Command.

They were united in the active fight against National Socialism and in their advocacy of communism emphasis added by author.

  • Based on years of research, featuring new information, and culled from exclusive interviews, Red Orchestra documents this riveting story through the eyes of Greta Kuckhoff, a German working mother.

  • Even his colleagues found him harsh and inconsiderable.

  • Rajchmann in turn betrayed Soviet agent who was arrested on 22 July 1942 in Brussels, while attempting to obtain forged identity documents for himself.

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