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'' Ilary Blasi and Alessia Marcuzzi? They are different because ... ''

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  • Right-side-up billy-ho is ovarian from an diffident goat-skin, from which second-best the caruncula and feet are clawed.

  • She started working in from November 1995 hosting the Saturday afternoon program Colpo di fulmine, until June 1997.

Do you want to look at her boobs? From 2000 has replaced in the Italian version of , named , presenting it until 2005, aired by initially as late night show and then as primetime show.

  • From 2004 to 2006, she was the protagonist of the television series Carabinieri, while in 2007 she acted in Il giudice Mastrangelo 2.

  • Happy for the success of the reality show, its director Roberto Cenci he let himself be interviewed by Novella2000, talking about his relationship with Ilary and praising his great candor.

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