Lisa lou cosplay - 🧡 Toyriffic: Harley Qwednesday :: Harley Quinn Cosplay by Lisa Lou Who

Lisa lou cosplay

Cosplay lisa lou Lisa Lou

Cosplay lisa lou lisa

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Cosplay lisa lou

Cosplay lisa lou

Cosplay lisa lou

Cosplay lisa lou

Cosplay lisa lou

Cosplay lisa lou

Granted some groups do combine the 2 but they're totally separate from Patreon such as Cosplay Deviants.

  • Everyone said I looked great but it was still upsetting because of how much I love the character to death.

  • There are very few things in my life when it comes to media that have affected me like Disney princesses, Jasmine and Avatar have, to the point that I want them on me.

  • You can see more of Lisa Lou Who on her.

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  • Lisa Lou Who is an incredibly talented cosplayer who has put out many epic cosplays this year, ranging from Vi from League of Legends to Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop.

  • Definitely isn't the case since the gauntlets, hair and various other parts make the outfit.

  • Her make-up work is awesome too and she covers a range of costumes, from comics, to video games, to anime and manga! I was fortunate enough during my visit to New York Comic Con to score an interview with one of the stars of the cosplay scene, Lisa Lou Who! Check it out below: Jessica has an instgram account with lotsa photos too.

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