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Six paths kakashi

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Paths kakashi six

Paths kakashi six

Paths kakashi six

Paths kakashi six

Paths kakashi six

Paths kakashi six

By concentrating lightning chakra around his hand, Kakashi can use it for a thrusting attack that can pierce through enemies with ease.

  • It is important to remember that Kakashi is not the only character to possess or awaken a Sharingan but can manifest a Susanoo.

  • While in the opponent's mind, the shinobi can restore or remove information at will.

  • And Kakashi got absolutely clapped.

The next moment, the Hungry Ghost Dao suddenly jumped out and fell in front of Tian Dao, with his hands outstretched.

  • Lots of fans consider themselves true fans if they watch every episode or read every chapter of the series.

  • He could use his susanoo to make the kamui shuriken which would destroy any target that hit Him.

  • Madara knows how to live long beyond any other shinobi, growing his power and learning to harness Hashirama's wood style and Rinnegan.

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