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I followed them up the stairs, led by Liam.

  • Most abuse is carried out by family members or people known to the victim.

  • I got up to get a flashlight in my closet, and when I got back, I tripped over one of my many shoes and landed on the bed right next to him! He told me that if I ever told anyone we would both go to prison.

  • It began with a picture of a young man at a rock concert; a young man I assume so overtaken with the music he was listening to that he had no choice but to whip out his garden hose and start peeing into his own mouth as a self-soothing strategy for all the feelings he was experiencing.

As we got closer we noticed behind a locked supply shed was a group of teens drinking beers.

  • There was a black leather sofa, black ash veneer furniture and Athena pictures of semi-naked women.

  • The girls were so bashful they kept trying to cover themselves with their hands, which were now conveniently lit by glow bracelets.

  • That year it received 600 calls related to child sexual abuse.

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