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Being at the five dollar tier simply subsidizes the cost of shipping for the prints.

  • While she loves to craft and create, Steff's favorite hobby is annoying people with her love of Neon Gensis Evangelion.

  • Cosplay Cafe has opened once again and I have a lot of people coming through.

  • If you sponsor a costume, please message me so we can talk about the kind of shoot you'd like.

The highest daily views for the period is 53.

  • I remember when Pokemon came out in grade school and I ended up getting two Gameboy Colors along with Pokemon Red and Blue so I could trade with myself to catch them all! These include but are not limited to: stickers, keychains, and charms.

  • I started cosplaying back in 2003! Steff has won a handful of awards across the West Coast including Best in Show and Best Advanced Craftsmanship, and has helped with dozens of panels and masquerade judgings.

  • Kicking things off, we have Steff Von Schweetz who has dropped by the cafe.

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