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I got up to get a flashlight in my closet, and when I got back, I tripped over one of my many shoes and landed on the bed right next to him! It is at its heart a look at adolescence in 1960s America, replete with the class differences exemplified by the leading characters.

  • There happened to be a thunderstorm that night, so right in the middle of the movie the power went out.

  • They asked me where my sister was, and I pointed outside.

  • But we like that when it's cleaned up, you go down on us more readily.

Right at that moment, my friend walked out the door and saw us.

  • And teens saw that it was good! Dick, it has become an object of academic fascination for the questions it asks on humanity.

  • Together, Ellen and Cora help each other with all that life throws at them - lovers, divorce, children, debts and too much vodka.

  • And for some, it's something that's so in-your-face funny, you can't help but laugh out loud.

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