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I also had to have sex with Epstein many times.

  • For me, it was when the Gilmore Girls ended.

  • I was very scared, particularly since I was a teenager.

  • And the summer of 2014 became the summer that they would start pissing into their own mouths and posting the pictures online.

The films are overall listed in order of perversity and certainly not ordered by quality, with the assumption that in the following order; murder for pure gratification, necrophilia, cannibalism, rape, bestiality, extreme paedophilia, other fringe forms of sexual deviancy, followed by psychological perversity, are things which the general population finds perverted in this order of severity, and that the perversity of each film is of course amplified by any combination thereof, while keeping in mind that there may be some films that belong here that I have not yet seen.

  • Now let's have some fun.

  • The surveillance footage from Saturday shows one of the teens urinating on a shelf in the beverage aisle, according to the release.

  • These things are just as shocking and messy as urine.

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