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キー 3ds マスター 意外と知らないマスターキーの仕組み!その種類や利点を解説します|生活110番ニュース

キー 3ds マスター 【3DSシリーズ】「保護者による使用制限」の暗証番号を忘れてしまいました。どうすればよいですか?

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さらば任天堂テクニカルサポートセンター? 3DS Parental Tool by Swizzy

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キー 3ds マスター ニンテンドー3DSや2DSのパスワードが分からない?パスワード・暗証番号を忘れたときの対処法は?

キー 3ds マスター 任天堂のペアレンタルコントロール解除ツール mkey

キー 3ds マスター GitHub

キー 3ds マスター 合鍵、マスターキー、純正キー、親カギ???|俺の合鍵


キー 3ds マスター せどりで3DSの保護者ロックを打ち消せ!


The security in this relies upon the device ID being hard to obtain by simply using the device. If you would just like to use this, with no concern for the code or how it works, visit: v2 support was initially implemented in October 2015, and has been serving the above page since December 2015. This would make the generator more of an academic exercise rather than a practical tool. These function very similarly. These can differ between regions and system versions. The best documentation for these is in the code, which covers the situation on all supported devices. As of writing, system support is good - all algorithms in use are supported, provided one can extract the necessary keys from the system firmware. For some algorithm versions especially 3DS v2 many keys are required from the system firmware in order to generate master keys. The v4 algorithm on the Switch and likely any future algorithms also require a console-unique device ID stored on the system that Nintendo can retrieve using the separate, visible serial number one must provide via the support call. Some 3DS-specific documentation on the algorithms seen so far can be found at: License mkey is distributed under the AGPLv3 license, see. Currently, this includes the Wii, DSi, 3DS, Wii U and Switch. Python and C implementations are available in this repository. This allows resetting Parental Controls due to being locked out without having to contact customer support.。

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