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They are definitely going back.

  • I have been able to solidly walk in these for hours at a time with no pain or discomfort.

  • I have over 100 limited edition prints published by the major publishers over the last 25 years or so and also many self published prints.

  • I am a professional artist and am thankfully known worldwide for my Canine, Equestrian and Wildlife Paintings.

I'm a happy single of that age group, and whatever forces drove me to it, I had a crazy idea last week: Professional pinup pix of me just for myself! And the ankle strap is very comfortable too.

  • Nude Color Shoes for Every Occasion When you slip into a pair of nude shoes, the places you can go are endless.

  • It is a small peaceful town, definitely worth the stopover for a night away from the big cities.

  • I like how the tip of the shoe is rounded, that is my preference, I think it makes my toes look nice.

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