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Cast true blood True Blood

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Cast true blood True Blood

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Every Character Who Could Return For The True Blood Reboot (& How)

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Cast true blood True Blood

What Happened To The Cast Of True Blood After It Ended?

Unable to control herself, she drains and kills all but Number 4, who is rescued by a furious Andy.

  • The couple share twin sons, Gus and Winston who were born in 2011, per.

  • Truman Burrell, began the war of human vs.

  • Many Hollywood biggies have tried to be a part of the show earlier.

Steve Newlin , , , , , 30 Rev.

  • She later issues Eric the Authority's order to go after Russell and kill him.

  • In the final episode of Season 4, it is revealed he has been turned into a vampire as punishment.

  • His ghost later visits Lafayette to comfort him.

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