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They consume moon-sugar in one form or another every day.

  • Due to their inclination to climb trees, they are compared to monkeys, though this is considered insulting.

  • The distrust displayed to their race makes finding an honest living difficult.

  • He is the only other potential Khajiit follower besides Kharjo.

Unfortunately, this is never shown in the base version of Skyrim.

  • Raised in a poor household, he first became a focusing on necromancy as a way to bring his mother back to life, but somehow got lost along the way.

  • The Khajiit have also tamed the realm of the moon Jode, erecting Khajiiti temples there which ancient Khajiiti Moon-Priests once visited to honor the moons.

  • Later in the E-Rantel Cemetery, he is interrupted by and in the midst of a chanting ritual with his subordinates.

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