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When Irene intervened to save her, Irene was murdered.

  • This is one of the movies that belongs on the Mount Rushmore of erotic horror films.

  • You can't hold onto it.

  • Abruptly, the camera cut to the couples leaving the hotel room.


  • With the requisite heterosexual love scenes and gratuitous nudity, as well as acid-dropping and nude yoga, there was also one steamy lesbian scene between head stewardess Jo Peters Angelique De Moline and Cathy Kathy Ferrick , and blonde stewardess Karen after a shower and while under the influence of acid made love to a Greek god bust-headed lamp! I was just thinking about 'em now.

  • What I relish is that rare erotic horror film that tries to do something more than cash in whatever assets can be easily promoted on a movie poster.

  • We have to be straight about this.

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