What is haram food

Food haram what is Halal

Muslims and food: What can be eaten safely and what should be avoided as per Islamic law

Food haram what is What is

Food haram what is What is

List of Halal Seafood and Haram Seafood According To Islam

Food haram what is Muslim Foood

Food haram what is 11 Principles

What is a Halal food and Haram food

Food haram what is 7 Haram

Food haram what is What is

Food haram what is Halal and

Food haram what is What is

What are the effects of consuming haram food ignorantly?

Food haram what is

Please, be wise in choosing food to consume before it harms your body.

  • Opinions vary widely about other seafood, however, with some believing that any animal that can only live in water is permissible, while others arguing that only fish with scales and no other sea creatures should be eaten.

  • Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy.

  • Narcotics, Heroin, cocaine, marijuana and any other substances which causes intoxication are also forbidden c.

Some medicines and mouthwashes contain alcohol - if you can find an non-alcoholic alternative then use that instead.

  • Haram meat is only allowed in a situation were there is absolutely no food at all.

  • Any food which was made with an alcoholic drink usually wine is haraam because, although the food itself probably couldn't get you drunk, it's alcoholic ingredient was made for that purpose.

  • Pork Contains More Bad Nutrition Pork contains high cholesterol and fat that difficult to tolerate by the human body.

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