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For example the veggie pizza: so awesome! This was the first season of Hell's Kitchen to start a number of contestants divided to two teams by gender, which would become a tradition in subsequent seasons.

  • Sara's scallops received mixed reviews from the master chefs, though Heather's wellingtons received praise.

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  • Pies, steaks, salad: all done to perfection! Virginia stated she only wanted to be in the competition if Ramsay believed she was a good enough chef and not because of his promise, though Ramsay said that if she wanted to stay, he would eliminate Sara.

From the first moment Virginia had worked there, she have felt a big admiration for this chef because he has extraordinary skills like another american chef Anthony Bourdain.

  • Ramsay named the men winners for at least serving entrees; Heather was named best of the worst for being the only one on her team to send any food out.

  • Lotus flower on lower back.

  • After sampling her dishes, Ramsay found them to be good, but wanted them to be more exciting.

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