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I'm not sticking this stuff under a microscope.

  • Tone is granted custody of their two children, Pascal Franchot, 5, and Thomas Jefferson, 2, under a joint agreement signed earlier.

  • The night before, Tone was there with starlet Betty Underwood.

  • Aldridge asked to have her fortune told.

In 1919, after commissioning a full-size copy of the work, Torrey sold the original to.

  • Duchamp later recalled of the relation between motion and his nude: My aim was a static representation of movement, a static composition of indications of various positions taken by a form in movement—with no attempt to give cinema effects through painting.

  • Several people in telling of visits to the Mountain Maid, remembered that she didn't waste time with unbelievers.

  • Then again, some of these guys are fine with showing their stuff.

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