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11 Signs Your Wife Wants a Divorce

Dear Abby: Why wife never wears jewelry her husband buys

Show her you care by giving her attention and gifts.

  • Those women who choose to hold power over a man who opens himself up to her are fools because they are abusing the relationship in order to feel better about themselves, when in reality with a man like the one they have, these women are already safe and being nurtured by their husbands.

  • But to indulge on where it all began or how to fix it all? If it's your money why do you need permission? I am afraid that if I divorced and she got them they would be at a disadvantage.

  • Him for forcing his wife to be a wife.

My Wife Loves Me But Doesn't Desire Me

What matters now are your children, first and foremost, and dealing with ending this relationship safely and sanely for all of you.

  • The issue was that he had not yet learned how to do that.

  • Her feelings for you are inconsistent.

  • She tries to initiate conversations with him, but they go nowhere.

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