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And, Simon Petrikov wears slippers too but they look like Gunter.

  • Small problems, true, but problems nonetheless.

  • What is interesting here is that the different leakers appear to have different information.

  • While the source of some of these leaks is unknown, many of them were posted online after being found on and downloaded from Cartoon Network's servers a few days before they aired.

In fact, in this episode are blueprints for a colony on Mars on his desk, which means Moe was always interested in Mars.

  • An original area that resembles a high-fantasy floating castle is also included in the papers.

  • The leaker also posted , including the Green Goblin Willem Dafoe , Doc Ock Alfred Molina , and Electro Jamie Foxx.

  • Wynot wrote: One of my clients is a construction company and they haven't totally eliminated the leaks in their server room.

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