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Splash Madison became Hef's No.

  • Madison brought about allegations of sexual misconduct and drug abuse in the Playboy Mansion and completely backed off of the notion that she was a little star-crazed puppy wanting Hef's babies.

  • It's unclear what led to the split after nearly 2 years of dating.

  • All of the time she spent as a Hawaiian Tropic girl and the visits to the Playboy Mansion were about to pay off.

And everyone made out nicely when the television series was a hit.

  • Her work at these venues got her invitations to Playboy Mansion and after a year of such visits, she was asked to move in when she was 21.

  • She clearly loved the life the old man provided and wanted her sugar daddy to come through.

  • She started as a girl from a small town and evolved into a name that everyone all around the world knows.

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