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A splash of colour from Kendra, 36, with her baby daughter But Beall didn't have the money to carry the project out on her own, and considered dropping the whole thing to concentrate on her professional work.

  • After giving birth she once again fell into a trough of self-loathing and became obsessed with losing weight.

  • This year, the dates are July 30 - August 4.

  • More than just a festival, Woodstock captured perfectly the free spirit of the 1960s and became a cultural landmark that represents an entire generation of American youth.

Maria Butyrskaya finished fourth at the 1998 Winter Olympics and sixth at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

  • Her first appearance was in May 2003 and the second one in the special Playboy edition of March 2004.

  • All the women are my friends and I was inspired by them and I just really wanted to make it real: their apartments, their spaces, everything has a real meaning which was very important for me.

  • This Senegalese girl is very beautiful, and if little care is given will make every head turn.

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