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It's like building your own video game character, only you get to fuck it once you're done.

  • Needy: I watched her get into that van, and I knew something awful was going to happen.

  • Hier bekommst du das Leben in all seinen Facetten.

  • There's a parlor very near my room, and full-on fights over clients aren't at all uncommon.

Actually isa sa nagpahayag na gustong mapanood ang pelikula ay ang namayapang si Direk Wenn Deramas.

  • Every time she hears it, she hates it and nearly bursts into tears because of it.

  • After his death, his goth friends are shown to be near-obsessed with his grave and being the center of attention.

  • Cracked is up for a Webby Award! Maurice and Laura used to live above an erotic club they owned and filmed in, but they moved out to the quieter village once Eva got a little older.

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