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She has that girl-next-door quality with an extra pinch of pizzazz.

  • That is the last public update that has been given about Muffy, so where she currently is or whether is she happy is known only to Garber's friends and family.

  • She is keeping her look natural, with her brown hair hanging down and barely any makeup we can notice.

  • Brandi's dinner date grimaces as she takes a tumble Earlier in the evening, Brandi had written on Twitter that she wasn't sure how she was going to get through yet another night out.

Storage Wars aired its final episode to date in 2019, but Registre and Dahan still make treasure discovery content.

  • Her net worth can be more than a million dollars.

  • Unfortunately, it can be difficult living a healthy life and not eating salty, greasy foods when you spend weeks at a time in a truck.

  • Children Jennifer Brennan is currently engaged to Todd Foster.

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