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Official Blog of Author Angela White: Book 9: Shattered Dreams

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White 9 angela book

White 9 angela book

I published my first book in elementary school--Mystery of the Missing Tabby.

  • It seems irresponsible to think about race, or Blackness specifically, or gender, or Black womanness specifically, in this time without consulting the work and words of Black women, and without considering hip-hop's profound influence on the ways Black people are perceived and experienced around the world.

  • Singer, songwriter, record producer and actress.

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It highlights the systemic intricacies that work against poor people, black people, women, queer folks, domestic violence survivors, and others who are marginalized within already marginalized communities, and who get no love in radical change movements.

  • In November 2016 she gave birth to their daughter, Dream Renée Kardashian.

  • Taylor Swift Born and raised in Pennsylvania.

  • I recommend this as a read, but also as an audiobook.

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