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Kennedy who forged a marriage between politics and Hollywood.

  • She wins in the end, but on her own terms.

  • Stanwyck could act, but this was early in her career.

  • Cleopatra 1917 I think all on-screen adaptations of Cleopatra have been a visual feast, but none were quite as risque as the 1917 silent movie starring.

In that year, four of the biggest stars in Hollywood — Jean Harlow seen below in a publicity still from Red Dust , Greta Garbo, Claudette Colbert and Carla Bow — would display just enough skin to fit nicely in the Funhouse, had it been around back then.

  • However, after her mother's death, Lo loses a little of her shine and becomes more unstable, volatile, and a very strong and resilient girl, who makes up for her lack of self-esteem by overcompensating with confidence.

  • Steve Allen was a genius pioneer of the early television talk show format, but ultimately he was fairly conventional.

  • When he created the Tonight Show you could say he was being unconventional because he was creating something new.

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