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Dana Gillespie

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Gillespie  nackt Dana

To stay afloat she acted and sang sessions with Reg Dwight pre-Elton John , performed in folk clubs, bars including a strip club, where she kept her clothes on and West End musicals.

  • Dana Gillespie is one of those classic Sixties Chicks — the young women who emerged on the music scene in the middle of that decade and spent some time living in the shadow of a more famous and successful paramour or associate, before finally managing to break out on their own.

  • Around this time Gillespie signed to Pye Records, releasing her first singles.

  • And the songs themselves are pretty solid, if not all outstanding.

At the time, she was in the middle of work on her third MainMan album, which would never reach the point of an actual recording.

  • I have no hangups — we were pioneers, we had fun.

  • She appeared in the movie Jerry Maguire in the year 1996.

  • Bowie wrote Andy Warhol for her and she sang backing vocals on his Ziggy Stardust album and he, finally famous, insisted his new manager, Tony Defries, sign Gillespie to his MainMan organisation.

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