Tinder fake account - 🧡 The Tinder Forex Scam: How Attractive Chinese Women lure Men into a Honey Trap

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If it is a scammer, we try to determine who the real person is on the pictures.

  • They had real Instagram, Facebook and TikTok accounts, with actual content and interactions, not the usual sock puppet crap.

  • But I think at the root this is the reason.

  • Guy Lured to Park at Night This is the second story in the YouTube video from scam 2.

What's up with all these Chinese girls on tinder? : askswitzerland

This can come in handy when you are meeting up with your matches.

  • Unfortunately she did and said much to cause me to doubt her in the early stages of our interactions.

  • Here are some of them.

  • I mean if the profile has only one sided pics or pics where your face is partially hidden or if your face is at a weird angle or something in those cases, Yes it is totally possible.

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