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If the strength of a marriage was determined by the opulence of the wedding, Ricky Van Veen and Allison Williams might still be together.

  • We are grateful for the friendship we have and will continue to have.

  • Van Veen was two years into his work as of his popular site, CollegeHumor.

  • He is also one of the principal owners and founders of Connected Ventures, a company formed around CollegeHumor that included and.

Of course, their separation announcement could be a reflection of their romance as a whole: sophisticated and polished, but concealing deeper issues lurking beyond the surface.

  • Kassie, for her part, is a managing partner and general counsel at Metrodora Ventures, a venture capital firm she recently launched alongside Clinton.

  • Do you know Ricky Van Veen? In 2014, , opposite Christopher Walken.

  • The relationship was strong enough to last through all six seasons of Girls.

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