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Deep down, you're worried about your Mom and you don't want to leave, but you won't face the truth! Shana begins to seek Yūji out as a source of her strength, being able to think that she can do anything with him by her side.

  • Dedoverde Haze is a thirsty plant and incredibly space hungry, especially vertically.

  • Kazumi admits to Shana that she is the only one who can bring him back, and places her faith in Shana.

  • The Alpha Chi Omega's Theta Chi chapter has lost its recognition at Lehigh University for two years and will be banned from campus up until May 2020.

She then cut into Yūji, also getting the Rinne.

  • A disciplinary committee investigating the incident called the scavenger hunt 'reprehensible.

  • This outfit is omitted in the anime adaptation.

  • She is able to kill him by using her new , , , and.

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