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'I'm not promiscuous, but I have an incurable sexual disease'

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40+ Hottest Celebrities + Famous Star With Herpes & STD

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Celebrity cold sores: Herpes on the lips strikes again

Spears was spotted picking up a prescription for zovirax medication for herpes in Kentwood.

  • Be extremely distressing from one simple rule to remove the cold sore as you are eating certain foods.

  • For example herpes who have the antiviral drugs in pill form on the lip as opposed to the initial outbreaks.

  • She is one of the famous faces of the industry.

David Beckham

Alyssa Milano an American actress, producer and former singer who was born on December 19, 1972.

  • People tend to assume that women with herpes are promiscuous, which is sometimes not true.

  • It may come as a surprise to know that tattoos were not at all popular in China itself and in fact were seen as the mark of gangsters and criminals who used tattoos to show their loyalty to a particular criminal gang or to show their rank and perhaps specialty in the criminal underworld.

  • Rihanna The attractive Rihanna and her boyfriend were caught together with scars on lips which were the clear result of herpes infection.

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