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Horstmann would go on to be a contestant in of.

  • Throughout the date, Colton questions whether he's made the right choice with Hannah as they have many awkward moments on the date.

  • That night during the dinner, Tayshia opens up about her ex-husband cheating on her during their marriage which ultimately led to their divorce.

  • From her small town roots growing up in Texas, to her self discovery as being trans, her family life, misconceptions on the trans community and the importance of self-confidence and visibility in order to own your true identity, Erica shares what it's like to walk in her fabulous, high-heeled shows as the confident woman she is today.

During the night portion of the date, Tayshia opens up to Colton about her divorce.

  • After completing 2 hell-weeks and 500 days of training, Bilzerian was dropped from the program for a safety violation two days before graduation.

  • Colton, who tried to sit in on the argument to hear both sides, gets fed up and walks off by himself along the beach.

  • I will also be dropping a full album early in 2021 that will be broader in terms of subject matter.

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