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What pained her most, however, was the mad longing to kiss it, to press it in her arms, to feel the warmth of its little body against her breast.

  • She thought she had got rid of him altogether and spent the rest of the day almost tranquilly, but was as exhausted as if she had been turning the thrashing machine all day in the place of the old white horse, and she went to bed as soon as she could and fell asleep immediately.

  • Close to it, in a ditch, there was a large patch of violets, whose fragrance was spread abroad, while beyond the slope the open country could be seen, where grain was growing, with clumps of trees in places, and groups of laborers here and there, who looked as small as dolls, and white horses like toys, who were drawing a child's cart, driven by a man as tall as one's finger.

  • Her terror increased, and every time the great kitchen clock struck the hour she broke out in a perspiration from grief.

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