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In my mind Stanton's storylines were never so important in his previous work.

  • They also have erotic encounters with other residents of the hotel.

  • Around 1960, Irwing Klaw commissioned him to illustrated some storys, which he had planed to present.

  • Mainstream superhero publishers often included male characters usually teammates in the same bondage situation as the female characters in order to dilute the perception that the cover was being sexist or exploitative.

In addition, Kurtzman kept pitching Hefner on features for Playboy and finally, Hefner agreed to publish a sex parody comic series within the pages of Playboy called Little Orphan Fanny a parody of Harold Gray's famous comic strip, Little Orphan Annie.

  • Just watched Slaves In Bondage and to my ear there was a slight speed up in sound and motion.

  • The client I created it for agreed to let me post it here, so others can enjoy it as well! Because the main target of this section is the presentation of great artwork, we will not shown the whole text work by J.

  • It's a bizarre comic, but Hernandez is so talented that it still works.

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