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Marion is about to divorce from her husband and takes her 15-year-old niece Pauline on a vacation to Granville.

  • As Mila and Amanda open more of themselves to one another, a steamy sexuality emerges, and before they know it theyre bathing their tongues in pussy juice Models Cats: Description: Brunettes with big boobs, Aletta Ocean and Amanda Bleack, dressed in costumes, get in on with a Roman centurion and a prohibition-era gangster in this hot foursome group sex session from Bluebird Film's story-based porn parody, Nights At The Museum, sucking and fucking and getting a facial cumshot and a creampie for their efforts.

  • She meets an old love.

  • Now that theyre college roommates, they have so much more time together But each one of them is curious about taking it to the next level.

On the beach, soon they attract the attention of Marion's old flame Pierre Greggory and a single father Henri Atkine , their contrast is plain to see too, Pierre is a windsurfing coach, younger and more handsome, while Henri is a bit bald, ordinary-looking.

  • Dombasle is a bombshell in her pinnacle, but not an insipid one, she generously presents the whole spectrum of Marion's desire, fantasy and despondency.

  • Fifteen year old Pauline and her older cousin, model-shaped Marion, go to the emptying Atlantic coast for an autumn holiday.

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