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Jade, like several other characters, has her own unique loading screen for flash animations about her, featuring a slowly spinning flower and her silly green font.

  • Shortly afterward, John connects to her as her server.

  • The actress kept her adult film job a secret from her family but when she began to get acting parts in German films, a reporter unearthed her salacious past which Kekili condemned as a smear campaign.

  • Since then she has made over fifteen films with esteemed.

Towards the end of the journey Jade has a dream where she meets , who explains to her various things including the reason for John and Davesprite's deaths.

  • So I guess someone did this.

  • What happened next is unclear, but Jade is seen confronting Rose, Dave, and the trolls on the meteor.

  • Jade's is not data structure-based like the other kids'.

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