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12 Sad Signs You're Emotionally Damaged & Are Too Broken To Love

You may want to seek out their opinions if you're having any doubt with your own definition.

  • Consider that life is short, and that love is a perfectly valid feeling.

  • You may express love through gifts when your partner receives love through touch.

  • If you truly love someone, you feel happy for their happiness, and don't let your own jealousies into the mix.

Inspirational Love Quotes (323 quotes)

Let your funny love quote be seen at all times displayed on a that your loved one will love using.

  • Work together to find solutions, solve problems, and comfort each other when times get tough.

  • Time to get some help and work out your own issues before you even consider dating another person.

  • The words will be more powerful if you're gazing into each other's eyes.

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