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Seven trinity Trinity Seven

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Only Arles wasn't afraid of him and her sweet, lively personality made him find enjoyment in doing magic research with her.

  • Arin then arrives upon hearing that Arata and Lilith bore a child, only to become enthralled by Lilim's appearance.

  • Once he realizes he's responsible for Anastasia's misfortune and her actions at the Magic Research Battle arc, Abyss lends his Demon Lord Weapon to Arata to help him restore Anastasia's physical body.

  • What actual powers do the grimories have? Special mention to the fact that all her ninja skills at that time were self-taught as her village has her locked inside a temple at that point and she wasn't properly trained as a ninja until Ryuki took her under her wing.

Yep, his power mandates indulging his perversion.

  • The grimoire reveals that Hijiri is still alive and Arata resolves to become a mage in hopes of saving her.

  • This refers to how Yui was meant to be a mage who would be completely isolated from everyone with her mind at her dream world and her physical body locked at the school's dungeon.

  • Arata requests that Lilith demonstrate her magic so he may learn how to manifest a gun to better control his own magic.

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