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Is it as glorious as we think? While Liane, Thoren, and Jacqueline are playing cards, Tanga catches up with them and they end up taking him and the lion cub with them.

  • The next day, the wild woman grabs onto a vine and swings over a lake before she lets go to drop into the lake and go swimming.

  • In 1960, Marion was in a terrible car accident that left her scarred and unable to work for months.

  • The tribe is happy to see Chia-Hee again.

Viktor shows up, ostensibly to fly Liane back to Germany, but Thoren suspects that Amelongen's rat-faced nephew has a more nefarious scheme in mind, and refuses to let Liane go without him.

  • From : Researchers in the African jungle find a young white woman living with a tribe, that adores her as goddess.

  • Meanwhile, in Germany, shipping tycoon Theo Amelongen and his nephew Viktor look at the article about the wild woman that was found and Theo suspects that it might be his long-lost granddaughter Liane, who went missing 18 years ago when the ship she and her parents were on went down, with a speculation that her Liane at 2 years old had somehow survived.

  • The pictures on these pages were taken in a tropical park near Naples, Italy, which served as the location for the African jungle setting of the movie.

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