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You re so tall

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Re so tall you

Re so tall you

Re so tall you

Re so tall you

Re so tall you

The disadvantage is overcome by sitting down or lying down.

  • This is another disadvantage of being tall that might seem funny to people at first.

  • This stitch diagram, along with all other whimsicalwednesday and smallspacesunday stitch diagrams, can also be found on a Pinterest board.

  • We have further to fall, and thus we stand to collect more injuries than the average person.

She was still over a head taller than me as I looked up at her.

  • I looked up at Dana and she looked to our parents all serious.

  • With that being said, you probably should give basketball a shot as you have a good physical starting point for getting good at it.

  • I loved when she had her belly button showing.

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