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Funny sexy texts

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108 Sexy Text Messages for Him {New Sexy Texts + Examples}

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36 Texts To Initiate Sexting

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7 Funny Texts That Will Make Her Day

Feel free to make the hottest texting cocktail! Try out this silly dare with your crush and laugh out loud together.

  • The same can happen to you! Just go online and search cat memes.

  • I need to see you tonight to get it out of my system.

  • Warning: he might need a new phone after slobbering over his when he sees this text message! This way, you begin to form an important part of her routine, without being a pain or a point of irritation.

100 Sexy Texts for Her to Drive Her Wild

In memory of the bet you lost today, do not forget the treatment you promised me as a penalty.

  • Send me a naughty text message with only emojis.

  • Does that make me a bad man? What is the one thing that you would never let your crush see you do? It could be hot or a complete disaster! Avoiding becoming just roommates requires giving a partnership constant attention, be it listening patiently, supporting in big moments and small, and reminding each other of in the first place.

  • What Is Being Said Whatever you say in a monotone voice will not be funny.

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