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They go all out with their songs, to make sure every intricate detail is right and this is yet another example of what this band do so well.

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  • However, the two of us were able to withdraw a lot to the Dark Place to write songs.

  • According to Thiele, Beyer also wrote that the in the church at Alsted had been taken from the underground dwellers underjordiske of Kirstens Bjerg.

They have pioneered the genre of music with a grim aesthetic and songs largely based on disturbing deaths and murders.

  • I want to provoke thought and conversation.

  • The case took the internet by storm in 2013 after the release of the infamous 'elevator video', and interest has piqued again following the premiere of The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel earlier this month.

  • The crater , on 's moon , is named after the troll.

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