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Bulma vs chichi

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Chichi bulma vs Bulchi (Bulma

Do you think Bulma and Chi

Chichi bulma vs Bulma is

Who's the better family... woman? Bulma or Chi

Chichi bulma vs

Chichi bulma vs

Chichi bulma vs

Chichi bulma vs

Chichi bulma vs

Chichi bulma vs

Please check your Email, Or send again after 60 seconds! Also, on multiple occasions, not knowing his strength, he damaged their household many times.

  • Not only do the two look overjoyed, but their all-white outfits are a nice change of pace to their traditional clothes.

  • I think it would be closer than what we think.

  • Vegeta's son would maybe have a proper Saiyan name.

Then there's the fact that Goku told Piccolo of the stakes of the tournament before even recruiting anybody, yet hasn't told Vegeta shit.

  • The only problem with that was she didn't realize how extreme those situations could get until she met Goku.

  • She's no longer the helicopter parent who tries to exert complete control over her son.

  • Potara fusion is even worse for Bulma and Chi-Chi, since Videl wouldn't having to lower her strength to match Launch so their potara fusion comes out stronger and more skilled than Bulma + Cni-Chi.

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