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You cannot really escape from your figure.

  • They are time-based but they suit both environments.

  • In the beginning, as Melissa said, we were just taking care of the projectors, which was enough, then we began playing music, then reading text, and now we are beginning to dress up.

  • The icons like Jack Smith, and Stan Brakhage: these were names we knew about but we could not find in Brazil, and they were never being shown there.

We wanted a lot of 16mm projectors, so they found every projector they could, and finally with a lot of effort we had eight 16mm projectors, even though they were not all in the best form, and we also brought two loopers with us.

  • After producing a number of shorts — as well as works that involve live performance and sound — Dullius and Jahn have recently completed their debut feature, Muito Romântico, which premiered in the Forum Expanded section of the 2016 Berlinale.

  • But Muito Romântico is a more finished film? A sequência que a menina toca violão e canta a música e depois escuta ela mesma cantando e nós temos a legenda pra acompanhar como se estivessemos vivenciando o mesmo processo de atenção e apreciação dela foi foda.

  • São, portanto, figuras que estão em seus próprios limbos mentais.

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